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AHILAN RATNAMOHAN is a performance-maker working with a-typical forms in the theatre context, in particular football and language-learning processes. He works almost exclusively with people without classical performance training.


After completing a film degree at the University of Technology, Sydney in 2005, he attempted to make a career as a professional footballer in the Netherlands, Sweden and  Germany. Since 2007 he has been creating live performance pieces. His development came through working with diverse Sydney-based companies and artists, in particular Urban Theatre Projects, Branch Nebula and Martin del Amo. 

In 2013 he premiered his first work as a director, Michael Essien I want to play as you... in Antwerp, which led to the formation of The Star Boy Collective - a performance troupe made of West African football migrants - and the creation of Star Boy Productions and Reverse Colonialism!  Through productions such as SDS1 and Drill he has investigated the cultural and choreographic potential of football and athletics.  Since 2013 he has been working in Europe, with a base in Antwerp mainly in residence at Monty Kultuurfaktorij.  He continues to work both in choreography as well as social-political theatre.  Most recently he created a trilogy of works exploring the political power of language in residence at Homo Novus Festival in Riga and presented Mercenary at LIFT.