pidgin xx

A new bastard language to better reflect our current cities… 


Language is ever evolving, slowly morphing with time, developing into accents, dialects and eventually altogether new languages. Each yeah new words are created and then inducted into long-existing dictionaries. Yet maybe the evolution is too slow for our modern multi-cultural, multi-ethnic cities. One could say that our languages don't at all reflect the makeup of our cities as they currently exist..

With Pidgin-xxx I propose to start by creating a new Antwerp-specific language, one which reflects the current population in an as democratic way as possible.

I will start by looking at the census and then dividing the city based on its diverse language-groups.  Pidgin-Antwerpse will, using Dutch/Flemish as a base language, attempt to incorporate words from these language groups in a huge shakeup of the existing language.  The result will be a new bastard language which legitimately reflects the city as it exists today.

The process will be one of community consultation. For each language group existing in the city we will find (and this will depend again on how present this language is) a consultant.  We will interview them about which words they (a) retain most when speaking Dutch and (b) miss most when speaking Dutch; basically it is derived out of the necessities of the language communities.  During this interview we will also try to understand the different ways they use this language in order to be able to integrate the word into Pidgin-Antwerpse. From these initial interviews we will canvas the candidates for words for our new city language and then attempt the process of actually arriving at the new language.