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"The innovative physical language, the stark minimalist aesthetic, the sound score entirely generated by the performers from the sounds of their breath and bodies, plus the rigour, focus and commitment of all three performers combine to make this a stand-out performance."

- 4.5* ArtsHub


In Drill, three athletes meet in a late night, never-ending training session. A form of non-competitive competition unfolds before the audience. Sweaty machismo gets a poetic makeover as sprinting, jumping, turning, pivoting, falling and accelerating merge in an undefinable training sequence which revels in an exhausted euphoria. 

Drill is an exploration of the choreographic potential of athletic movement and training; an attempt to transcend all human athletic capabilities, in a non-spectacular, practical fashion.

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Director/Performer/Devisor | Ahilan Ratnamohan
Performers/Devisors | Immanuel Dado, Arno Wauters
Dramaturg | Kristof Persyn
Lighting Design | Wouter Dupon
Production | Ahilan Ratnamohan, Anaïs Gabaut
Dramaturg for First Creative Development | Josephine Wilson
Performer/Devisor for First Creative Development | Connor van Vuuren

First developed in residence at the Perth Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA), 2013

Co-production | PICA, FORM Dance Projects, CC Berchem, De NWE Vorst
Drill was supported with assistance from the Australia Council for the Arts and the Flemish Authorities