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valodas triloģija // language trilogy

Valodas triloģija / Language Trilogy is a project Ahil undertook in collaboration with and commissioned by the Latvian festival Homo Novus. The project was born out of a desire to investigate the power of language in society in a practical and non-academic manner. In Homo Novus this resulted in the creation of three different works: 

Bille 24 stundās / Bille in 24 hours
A reading of the seminal Latvian novel Bille by by Vizma Belševica

Perfektais migrants / The Perfect migrant
a solo, an attempt to be the perfect migrant in Latvia

Ārzemnieks / Foreigner
a language game played by four migrants in Latvian with a local audience

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Concept/Director/Performer | Ahilan Ratnamohan
Dramaturg | Matīss Gricmanis     

Performers | Irina Solomodenko, Richard Solomodenko, Viktorija Riashchenko, Ismayil Hasanli, Sateesh Angati, Anastasios Kolliopoulos, Venuri Perera
Production | Sandra Lapkovska, New Theatre Institute of Latvia

commissioned by Homo Novus Festival through Urban Heat (a Creative Europe project) 


Bille in 24 hours       6, 7, 8 September 2017

The Perfect Migrant 7 & 8 September 2017

Foreigner  7 & 8 September 2017