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SDS2 is a re-creation of Ahil's existing football-dance solo, SDS1. SDS1 explored the game of football as an art form and a psychological journey. A former footballer, he created a performance piece derived entirely from the game's physicality, drawing on dance-inspired choreography with and without the ball. The audience are invited into his arena which he constructs in their presence. Herein Ahil attempts to create his own football match. The audience being made complicit through simple actions and confrontations; holding a ball, providing an opponent for him, tearing off a piece of strapping tape. A driving soundtrack was one of the protagonists in SDS1 and now in SDS2 Ahilan works with vocalist Els Mondelaers, who drives the piece and Ahil with her voice. 

Ahilan Ratnamohan & Els Mondelaers 

with dramaturgy from Kristof Persyn 

Full Tryout [30mins] 

22 May 2015 - Rotterdamse Schouwburg - Opera Dagen TRYOUT 

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