"Perhaps the authenticity is so compelling because the stories are true. They understand first-hand the pitfalls that make their dreams that much more unattainable.” 

-   Bachtrack on previous work 


Bright Junior was destined to be a star anyway, anyhow.  But there’s just one problem his football career hasn’t worked out the way it should have.  And now he’s an economic migrant in Belgium.

Junior has decided he is going to be a star and he is going to do it anyway, anyhow.  In this solo performance he deconstructs his identity in the presence of the audience attempting to understand what it is going to take for him to become a star in this country.  Speaking in a language which he is still coming to terms with, he puts himself on the line, vulnerable and lonely in front of an audience which will - in a broader sense  determine his future.  Can he actually ever become a star in this country and if so under what circumstances will it be?  Or is he resigned to a job in the factory with the rest of his friends.


Performer-Devisor | Etuwe Bright Junior
Director-Devisor | Ahilan Ratnamohan
Artistic Advice | Sodja Lotker Costume | Anne-Catherine Kunz Lighting Design | Hanne Dick (Monty)

Production | Monty Kultuurfaktorij Co-production | Beursschouwburg, A Cultured Left Foot vzw, CO Luchtbal

learn dutch with junior